Rehearsal Notes for September 7, 2021Rehearsal Notes for September 7, 2021

Please begin reviewing In The Good Old Summertime and In The Cool, Cool, Cool Of The Evening as we will begin preparing these songs for the 2022 show.

In The Good Old Summertime will be performed traditionally and, it is likely, that we won’t deviate from the chart and learning tracks. We will want this song to have a lighthearted, Musically we want to create the feeling that ‘all is well with the world and your cares can be put aside’ (at least for the next hour or so). There are a lot of opportunities for visual (and musical) imagery in the lyrics so, please, begin thinking about meanings and how to translate those feelings and ideals musically.

Visually, as Rich Hansen has been reminding us, I imagine we’ll want smiles and a care-free attitude to help place our audience(s) at ease. Rich will be helping us develop a visual plan as we move along.

In The Cool, Cool, Cool Of The Evening presents a number of opportunities for us to show off our ability to create dynamic interest, especially in the choruses where we have some opportunity for ‘call and answer’ volume changes. As we begin rehearsals, I will ask you to make specific notes in your music to help you remember the plan. Depending on how things develop, there are several places where we might try things so Be Flexible and keep an open mind. Rhythmically, I know of a few changes that I plan to make, to help provide some variety and add interest.

In Verse 2 – Measure 45 (You comin’ to the fracas) please change the rhythm to be a quarter note (You) and two eighth notes (come – in’). This will help avoid the impression that the lyrics are “you come into the fracas”.
In measure 52, please change the embellishment rhythm (I’ll be there) to be the quarter (I’ll) an eighth note (be) and a dotted quarter (there).
In measure 57, change the last quarter note (a) to an eighth note and ADD an eighth note using the same notes from the ‘glow’ chord in measure 58. This will advance the rhythm of the word glow and give us time to make it sound ‘glow-y’.

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