The Coles County Chorus

The Coles County Chorus invites you to get hip to a trip on Route 66. The show is at 4pm on June 8th on the Dvorak Hall stage on the EIU campus. The show is a collection of pop, country, jazz, gospel and show tunes one could have heard on the radio when you made that California trip.  We hope you join the CCC and get your kicks as we sing barbershop versions of some of your favorite tunes. Keep an eye out here for ticket information.

Our guest quartet this year is Center Ring. Center Ring Quartet formed in February of 2019 and eight months later won the Illinois District 2019 Quartet Championship. Collectively they have almost 130 years of Barbershop singing, and all four have sung in several quartets and choruses over those years. You might say barbershop singing has been part of each of their family trees, as they have had grandfathers, fathers, mothers, and siblings singing barbershop before and along with them. Center Ring was thrilled to represent the Illinois District at the 2023 International Quartet Competition and Convention in July!

Also Appearing from Mt. Zion Il – Senioritis

More Information – The CCC Annual Summer Show

Who are we?

The Coles County Barbershop Chorus is one of the Premier a’capella mens harmony organizations in Illinois.  Creating wonderful harmonies every Tuesday evening, this group of dedicated men constantly strive to improve our vocal abilities from both a technical and artistic perspective.  We believe that music has the power to change lives and we are excited to have the chance to share our love of the Barbershop Style of harmony with diverse audiences.

One of the foundation tenets of our organization is the desire to give back to the communities in which we live.  We do that by supporting various local charities and the vocal music programs of area High Schools.  We, annually, donate thousands of dollars in support of those who are, themselves, working to make this a better world – teachers, community servants and many others.

Wanna sing?

We are always seeking ‘men of good character’ to join us in our never-ending quest to create musical art.  There are no professional musicians in our group, not that you can’t join us if you’re a pro 🙂  We are, simply, a group of amateur singers and musicians, from an incredibly diverse background, who love to sing.  If you love music the way we do and you would like to come and see what we are all about; if you want to be a part of something wonderful, something life-changing, come check us out!

We meet every Tuesday evening at 7:00pm.  Our meeting place is the United Christian Church in Mattoon, Illinois located at 200 E Lafayette Ave.

It’s GREAT to be a Coles County Barbershopper!|

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